A few months ago, I wrote a post on A Holistic Approach to Fitness, which was inspired by a retreat I was going to be doing in Costa Rica. Our fearless leader, Jamie Holmes, was able to get some fantastic sponsors for the trip that donated some fabulous, natural and super useful products to all the travellers. This is post part 1 of 2 that highlight some of the swag in that bag to help spread the love for these amazing companies.

The product

As with any trip, I have a prep ritual which includes a little shopping for cute new outfits, doing laundry, taking care of some personal …ahem… grooming and usually indulging in a little something just for me, to put me in my happy-I’m-about-to-go-away-place. This year, part of my prep was getting my skin primed to not only have a gorgeous glow (there are some cute surfers in Costa Rica y’all) but also to moisturize and protect it for the abundance of sun it was going to get. joeSCRUB gave all the retreaters some of their amazing and seriously delicious smelling Coffee Scrub for face and body and this product took good care of all of us.

girls on a beach

What’s in it?

Can we talk about this product for a second? Not only is this a local (Toronto, Canada) company, all their products are vegan, cruelty-free and 100% natural. Their products never contain harsh chemicals such as parabens, synthetic colors, unnatural fragrances and formaldehyde (many of which are being absorbed into your body) and in fact are so natural, you could literally eat this face scrub which contains all organic and fair trade products.

The ingredients used are all top-notch including the coffee that helps to exfoliate dead skin and preserve skin cells and the cocao, which improves hydration and the overall look and feel of your complexion. The coconut oil gives a boost of vitamin E and helps prevent wrinkles and signs of aging (seriouly, thank you for that). The scrub is rounded out with some Jasmine oil to help protect the skin from free radicals and bang! Ready for the beach.

How did we use it?


And can we talk about how soft your skin feels after using this scrub?! I have honestly never experienced anything like it. The minute I rinsed the mask off, I could feel the difference in the way my skin felt.

I didn’t only use the scrub to prep before the trip; I also used it once I was home. Lathering on sunblock left my pores a little clogged and I was breaking out on my chin and forehead. A few nights of using the scrub and my face was clear and back to baby-butt smooth.

joeSCRUB has put together an amazing product and I for one, can’t wait to indulge in one of their other scrubs.


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