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A few months ago, I wrote a post on A Holistic Approach to Fitness, which was inspired by a retreat I was going to be doing in Costa Rica. Our fearless leader, Jamie Holmes, was able to get some fantastic sponsors for the trip that donated some fabulous, natural and super useful products to all the travellers. This is post part 2 of 2 that highlight some of the swag in that bag to help spread the love for these amazing comAerialistspanies.

The Product

One of the other essential products that the aerial retreat participants were given was Sigrid Natural’s Calendula Healing Ointment. I’d met with Sigrid a few months before we left for Costa Rica and after talking with her about her ingredients and her overall mantra, I knew whatever she gave for our swag bag was going to be incredible. I wasn’t wrong. The calendula healing ointment was one of the most used and most versatile items we received.

Sigrid Naturals is based in Wilno, Ontario where they operate as a social enterprise; equally committed to the economy, the community and the earth.  All of the plants used in their products are harvested sustainably and by-hand. They grow their own comfrey and calendula and source ingredients like beeswax, honey, organic sunflower and hemp oils from local farmers.

What’s In It?

The calendula healing ointment contains only calendula, olive oil and beeswax. So with only 3 ingredients, how was it so versatile? It’s thanks to the abundance of healing properties in the calendula flower. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-bacterial thanks to its antiseptic properties. It is also commonly used to treat skin problems and in wound healing. The beeswax has non-allergenic properties that can make it a useful protector from airborne allergies and it is also anti-inflammatory.

Calendula flower

How did We Use It?

It was used on bug bites to stop itch and swelling, it was used on sunburn, it was used on silk burns (because man is it sticky to do silks in 30 degree heat!), it was used on a split lip (someone got hit in the face by a surfboard… it was me) and it was used on scraped knees (me again – surfing is awesome and hard). A scorpion bit someone (not me this time!) who was staying at the same lodge; the ointment probably would have taken care of that small problem too! Pretty much any minor injury or burn was treated with Sigrid’s ointment and we were so thankful to have it.

Sigrid Naturals also has a slew of other amazing items to choose from. With their commitment to community and the environment, they are a great place to spend your money knowing that you are getting top-notch ingredients handmade with love.

Sigrid Dojo

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